#FlexBoneFriday Feature: Ceramic Tile & More Owner John Coombs

When a new 800 square foot bakery was scheduled to open in Michigan, health codes required that all flooring be tile. Half of the space was existing quarry tile and the rest was painted. With an expedited time frame, traditional floor remediation would be too costly and time consuming.

Ceramic Tile & More Owner John Coombs decided ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE® Floating Uncoupling Membrane was the perfect product for the job. “I was most impressed when the health inspector required a sink be installed next to the cash register (after the tile was done) and they had to build a stub wall.  I drew the wall dimension on the tile and cut straight through the tile and FLEXBONE, picked the waste piece up and threw it in the dumpster. It took less than 10 minutes with no chiseling or mess to clean up!”

Thanks for the review John!

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