Special Anniversary Celebrations!

Jeff Mason PhotoMarch 1, 2014 marks Jeff Mason’s 15-year Anniversary with ARDEX Americas.  Before accepting his position, Jeff worked in the flooring industry where he developed a strong knowledge of installation and the importance of substrate preparation. As a sales professional, Jeff brought credibility as we built and expanded our business. Jeff has found creative and outside-the-box ways to grow product reach, once collaborating with a distributor to develop a custom ‘Enrique’ (Spanish for HENRY) adhesives campaign for Spanish-speaking installers. Jeff has been an integral part of the growth in Southern California, and continues to be a driving force in sales.

Charles McGeeMarch 4, 2014 marks Charles McGee’s 20-year Anniversary with ARDEX Americas.  Charles began his career at in production at the Arlington, Texas plant.  During those first three years Charles moved from packaging to batchmaking and on to maintenance.  From maintenance, Charles moved into Production Supervision.  In 2009, Charles oversaw the shut down and decommissioning of the Arlington Plant and transitioned to the Mansfield, Texas plant.  Today Charles is the Plant Supervisor and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Mansfield Plant.

SteveCarrollSteve Carroll started with The W. W. Henry Company in Dallas, Georgia on March 12, 1994. Steve has worked most batch maker jobs (Resins, Heavy Latex, Cri Latex, SVT Latex) making him a very versatile and valuable employee. Steve has a good overall knowledge in the plant and is willingly to work wherever he is needed.  He currently works on multiple Latex platforms. Congratulations, Steve!


photoMarch 31, 2014 marks Angie Sineway’s 10-year anniversary with ARDEX Americas being payroll coordinator, currently supporting more than 300 employees.  Over her career, Angie has worked with multiple payroll cycles in the US and in Canada.  Her creativity and fun enabled her to lead many company picnics over the years and is frequently drafted to assist with department or shared services event planning.

ARDEX Americas would like to thank Jeff, Charles, Steve and Angie for their years of service and commitment to excellence!

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